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Idea and Execution

Furnishing ideas of oriental architecture to art nouveau.
Renovating, interior design.
the slideshow / Flash provides an overview
All work are documented.

Individual residential space drafts. Passion, esprit, liking, idea and quality. Design architecture. Living interior and healthy living.

All works shown on this side are made by  the hand of the artist and are defeated by the taste pattern protection

Symbiosis of oriental ornamental art with elements of the art nouveau
Abstract or abstracted pattern.
Milled profiles and low-cut curve elements out of medium density fiberboard

My Fascination of geometrical elementary forms

In the ornamental art, the organization of structure and pattern of the nature is reflected.
The building contradicts natural surroundings.
The strong symbolism of the ornament, leads the viewer to a naturalness,
and lifts the artificial surroundings in the area of cultured nature

The everlasting return in the ornament as a mirror of a world order.

Colored glass - framed with elements out of cast metall -, serve the lighting
Against the works of the fine arts,
the ornament gets on as a linking of decoration, association, imagination
and metaphore on a natural and traditional reality..

Symbiosis oriental ornamental art with elements of the art nouveau

To escape from the danger of the self-contrived monotony,
the person's facial sense is appealed by the offer of association

The charm of the ornament is not to be imagined as not existing in the everyday life.

Every source of light within every light can be served separately
as desired, so the most differing atmospheres can be generated

Mental Freedom
The longing for charitable surroundings of a conceived naturalness
has in the course of the history the ornamental art led to a blossoming scenery.

The concrete sculptural of Ornaments of the European variation in churches and cathedrals contrasts with the abstract arabescs oriental represntation in Poor soles and Mosques.

The nonconform ornament which is veering away from the concrete,
rises here to an autonomous pattern, with clearly higher interpretation levels.

Structure-flow panels of Arabic patterns

Characteristic features of ornamental geometry - arrangement of congruent ornaments
The symbiosis, the passion of organized structure, the science of mathematical geometry
and their application in the architecture, generates  the floral arabesque decor.
The construction of ornaments is a true art.

A Harmonization of space by forms and colors
The resolution of the square space
with elements of the art nouveau
Waves and stairs

The opening of the closed space by organic forms and structures Art Nouveau takes unshifted and undiscovered from the Celtic symbolism

Among the rest, characteristic features of the art of the Jugendstil are

esolution of axial geometry as well as arrangement of asymmetries.
In the foreground stands harmony and intuitive regularity.
The influence of Celtic ornaments and symbolism is unmistakeable.
On this occasion, in particular  the use of the twisted floral Celtic Decor shall be advised.
The epoch of the Art Nouveau was very inventive
and permitted the combination of the most different style directions. Antonio Gaudi)

Curved, organic forms
and the decorative stylings were typical for its craftwork and Architecture.

In cast stone sunk stucco - ornaments and Lincrusta - frieze
adorn the place for the morning toilet

Lincrusta is a resistant wall disguising of linseed oil cellulose and fillers / chalk.
The mixture is applied on a paper road and afterwards is stamped with ornament rollers.
After denial of the humidity / aerial drying the roads are rolled.
A reel with excess width (approx. 103 cms / 10 m) weighs approx. 17 kg.
Special sign is, the firmness increasing with the age.

 The relief as an ornamental element - the griffin the symbol for cleverness - consoles - cast stone
simply to extravagantly formed decoration out of stucco and Lincrusta

With stucco you do not only associate the baccanal abundance of baroque decor,
but also easy, cornices, wall- and cover creation with simple elements
The stucco elements are produced in series.

Zodiak -the solar car - ecliptic signs of the zodiac - the fable beings of the solar road
the annual clock

The sky's main entrance - the periodical return - twelve phases
Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo-Libra - Scorpion - Sagittarius - Capricornus - Aquarius - Pisces
The signs of the zodiac divide the ecliptic of the sun into twelve identical segments.
The spring begins in the sign of the Aries / Aries

The pictures of the zodiac - manual labor of the artist - customary synthetic resin varnish - brass loops-
 Solar-decorated brass cover fixture fixing bolts - on middle poet fiber / MDF

unique piece

 Zodiac - the solar car - with zodiac symbols
- 144 small crystals are in the intersections of the connecting lines
right between the zodiac symbols
- 12 brass-gilt lighting applications give light
The solar car misses a diameter of
120 cms

Zodiac at  Wikipedia

Creation ideas 
New definitions for the housing tradition - concrete aesthetics, design and comfortable efficiency
Wood - cassette cover - manual labor of the artist - no duplicates
Stair rising - disguising / wood painting / oil paints - varied with pagan / celtic ornaments and symbols

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The formative element of the ceiling panel - wooden cassettes ceiling
Vertical decoration
Tthe special touch for the personal space - variety and risqué combinations show new ways
Every star a unique specimen
cut / sting saw - polished -  spackled /diamond gypsum alabaster - painted / dispersion paint white
individually adapted
Lighting - installation / cable in the hollow cavities under the wood profile strips / router
Light for the space

search terms
wooden cassettes ceiling

The motive
Ornament decoration as a creation element for the wall
Symbolism to the thematization of the space function
The lion in the coat of arms - courage - dignity - protection
Wall painting - sketch / stencil / telescope circle - golden pigments engagedly on
ecologically friendly and odor-neutral acrylic - based dispersion paint

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Interior kind of Noveau deep-sea fish / illuminated ornament

Jugendstil colored glass - elements in custom product
out of cast metal - frame /cast metal procedure for the production of thin-walled objects 
 Casting pattern as core with a cover of wax
Polyester varnish / hardener without priming in the hose procedure
the hardened varnish is indissolubly wear-steady and extremely resistant

- Glass admittance in cavity wall

Individual residential drafts: Architecture - interior - installations - ornament

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