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We fear no competition

Our works are and remain unique!
We create gardens exclusively from
natural materials. Our walls and paths from natural stones,
our gardens last a lifetime.
With each new spring, they gain in beauty
and naturalness!
Expensive to create but effective and natural. We provide our work with accompanying texts, and talk a little out of school.

We create for you, from nature:
picturesque landscapes, gardens, preserve ecosystems Park miniature sculptures, garden art, stone gardens, landscape gardens, sculpture gardens, pleasure gardens and the original

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Working as a freelance artist in the production of miniature ecosystem
Stones, the bones of the earth. Garden / Park / landscapes and sculptures.

Create your magical garden.

Aminiature landscape or rock garden.
Know how to set stones.

Interception wall of natural stone, we built it.
A beautiful landscape,
a mini-ecosystem with ivy tree as a bonsai.
Trees and plants for protection.
Idyll is more than just an illusion

Create your own personal park
In symbiosis between nature and culture.
From natural stone sculptures to garden walls.

Preservation, maintenance and restoration of nature.
We are specialists:
Physical, biogenic and anthropogenic conditions in the miniature landscape,
for Ecological, economic and social aspects of bio-physical entities.

You need the perfect sound-proof,
a view protection of natural stone and evergreen plants,

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Green islands

Artistic creativity and nature.
Nature in the winter, fresh green in the garden!
Garden Design, as landscapes in miniature.
Evergreen plants play a major role
As symbols of eternal life, fertility and sensuality
they give the garden vitality.

For us, the garden is not a static ideal state.
A garden is alive!
Our garden and landscape is moving in the midst of nature.
We experience a garden as lifestyle  and offer, with our work
a viable alternative to highly stylized garden kitsch
A Garden is a protected nature.
We do a ring!
The renaissance of the harmony, the beauty and diversity.
Geomorphological, ecological and technical elements of the landscape
in effect balance the aesthetic aspects of our gardens.

Garden Plants / Garden Art / Stone Garden
Evergreen plants
in the rock garden

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Journey into the vegetable kingdom

Gardens art is alive.

High artistic standards
create elaborate circular buildings with columns, Temple of the Muses,
Gazebos, moon gates, domes, , Rotunda, gazebo, fountains Temple, Temple of Venus,
surrounded by enchanting vegetation,

Moongate granite paving and natural stone boulders
Space for light and growth in the rock garden
Stones givers of life
Plants and trees, sun in the landscape,
Nature shows variety

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Domed buildings, Temple of Venus, Staffagebauten,
Portico, rotunda, gazebo, fountains Temple

Work with hand-picked natural stones!

Artfully layered and jointed, they are a beautiful focal point.
If the time passes on the stones apparently without trace ,
a patina is formed with of the years.
In the joints is growing moss.
The garden is alive.

Our natural stone pillars, are excellent as:
Foundations, for garden lighting, garden ceramics,
Planters and stoneware bowls
or as a fountain.
Dream up your botanical garden.

The conclusion of the sculptures in stone crown
Stoneware bowls
The pillar represents the driving force.
Plants, trees, earth, stones, the ultimate in living landscape!

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Domed buildings, Temple of Venus
Portico, rotunda, gazebo, fountains Temple

The force of nature is the greatest artist!

Every garden can be a work of art.

We rely on natural stone.
Rocks are the bones of the earth.
They give the garden stability.
The force of nature is the greatest artist, the most beautiful flower,
the life-giving sun
Design your garden.

Garden architecture, garden art
for the design of the entrance of your house
We build sculptures from stone masonry
as natural stone columns with earthenware bowls.
They form a colonnade, which guarantee privacy and security.
We only work with hand-picked natural stones!

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Whether retaining wall of rock, stone walls,
Weir or monuments,
We love working with natural stone.
With artful and elaborate sculptural joints
We play around the character of the natural stones.

A masonry wrought by us is a work of art.
Neatly stacked prayed in a masterly grouting,
Every stone is a diamond!

Stones are like flowers in nature and eternal sunshine
The picture wall detail. Elaborate and expensive grouting of stone
Clean and harmony - the protection of the nature
The fugue is integrated into the stone

Garden Art - Garden Art
The place of worship as sculpture. The magic of the stones. The Ivory Tower

Stone sculpture of rounded granite boulder
Reconstruction of a temple ruins as a garden art
Harmony between trees, plants, earth and stone
The artifact merges with nature.

The mystical Kiss for your garden
Make a wish!

Your garden needs a story?
We know the stone setting!

Create in your garden a magical place.
A place of worship, a mystical temple,
an ivory tower.
Build Neolithic sculptures from runes, mysterious picture stones, megaliths,
Obelisk, granite boulders and other natural stones.

The Celts were in the garden
The construction of a historic site
from natural stones and boulders

The illusion of an artifact of megalithic
A place of energy

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Story time
Your garden is a storyteller
Crusader castle and knights left

Rocks are the oldest creatures on the planet.
You can see it in them.
If they are piled you obtain a sculpture as a gift
with a billion-year history.
Stone spirits whisper to the attentive listener
of events and story from the prehistoric world

The earth opens its doors
Height differences, trenches, ducts tunnel systems
supported by retaining walls of natural stone

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Realize your dreams

The sacred stones
Obelisk, megalith, Monolith, menhir statues, Menhir, Baityloi
for mystical garden art,

Atlantis and the Pillars of Hercules
The lost empire of the myths
The entrance to Hades
Whether Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon, or Hippodrome!
Isn´t it beautiful to let live, the myths and legends of long forgotten cultures with just a little imagination
and the magic of the stones,

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We provide our customers with the design of a landscape

By earthworks and embankment of earth, we created
Hills and terrain, earth walls
and tectonic structures:
Hills, plains, terraces, winding roads, caves,
Slopes, crevices, faults, and give slopes
The garden landscape structure and form.

Building wells, fountains, and cisterns.
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Slopes, crevices, faults

Complete garden furniture sets, garden benches, garden tables, chairs, armchairs,
Stools, couches, and weather-resistant sofas

Build for you hearths, altars and sacrificial stones
from the stone of your choice.


For the cozy fire in the garden
we build barbecues, fireplaces, and chimney hood,
Fireplaces with porch.
So that we can guarantee a long shelf life
we use for our fire places, fire pits and picnic areas only Fireclay bricks, corundum, and mullite,
In addition, we offer special formats  made after a drawing
in small quantities.
Our outdoor fireplaces are final covered with natural stone.l

The center of the garden

Symbol of the rituals
Self - eat - sociability - heat - energy

Rest and relaxation - vacation in the garden
Nature home

Protect our ecosphere. You needn´t fly on holiday
A beautiful garden is like sun, vacation and relaxation.

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Natural garden in Keldenich / Kall
In support of the history of this place a nature garden originated in scarp location

Revival of a worship of reproduced artifacts combination with cultivated wilderness.

Under Roman occupation Keldenich developed into a major city.
This is supported by the extensive foundations of Roman buildings, found in both
southern corridors of the village, as well as in the surrounding fields
They range from the church on the hill over to the dance hall Rosacker.

In accordance with the history of this place, Terraces with artifacts on the dance mountain were created in Escarpment, below the church in a natural garden. From this beautiful garden you have an enchanting picturesque view over the Rhine plains, to the Drachenfels Seven Mountains, Aachen Eschweiler. In clear air you can see with the naked eye, the Cologne Cathedral. This unparalleled fantastic views to the horizon, where you can already easily perceive the curvature of the planet, has already convinced the Celts, here to stay and to use this place for religious and cultural activities

Terraces and switchbacks
Using 500 tons gravel, gravel, top soil / topsoil stone and soil
we have recultivate the gardenand made accessible the overgrown cliff
with terraces and switchbacks.
Keldenich, Kall, place of worship, Drachenfels, Seven Mountains, Cologne Cathedral, Celtic, terraces, winding, gravel, crushed stone,

Work as a free artist in combinations of reproduced artifacts and cultured wilderness.

Romans and Celts at the Mountain Dance. Nature - Dream Garden - Fantasy
With the sense of nature, plants and natural materials, the dream garden take shape

There is uniqueness and beauty of nature landscapes, to preserve, to develop and to use artistically designed open spaces.

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The garden as an ecosystem
Poetry and truth to the nature.
The nature-adventure-Garden.
Nature does not mean sprawl and chaos.
Natural gardens give the plants and animals living spaces and provide habitat
They create ecologically valuable environments
With its related environmental protection, they create and form an important part of maintaining the ecosystem.
Natural stones give the landscape history and mystery! Green regulatory Garden and Landscape is a conservation / preservation.
Landscape architecture and landscape

environmental protection, architecture, Conservation, Landscaping, Landscape, ecosystem, nature, garden, sprawl, chaos, animals, living space, provide habitat, ecologically valuable environments

No life without nature,
Layered natural stone / brick on foundation greywacke stabilize slopes and earth

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A wilderness character of the garden reminds of naturally grown nature and original wood in whose continuance and intact ecology no massive human interventions can be noted.

Garden is a nature conservation! Experience your landscape!
The sun in the scenery, plants and trees, nature in her facets
Art in the garden - scenery and ecology
The garden as an attitude to life, in the middle of the nature, away from high-level-stylized garden trash

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Garden - Terraces
Natural stone landscape designs
The park as a wild landscape
The dry-stone. Guarantor of biodiversity

The stone garden is always surrounded by the atmosphere of being something special. Earlier  the stone garden was considered as one inalienable part of the ornamental garden. Modesty, low nursing expenditure and a long life span are characteristic features of this garden culture

Accordingly you choose those species of wood which underline a natural character and promote the effect.

Patios - garden
Natural stones to the landscape architecture
The overgrown park as a scenery
The dry wall made of natural stone. Guarantor for biodiversity


wild landscapes, the fascination of nature, forces of nature, travel, Keldenich, terrace garden, Roman place of worship, Stone sculptures, magic stones, stone ghosts, stone, park, stone, nature reserves,

The trip in a garden empire! Vacation in the past! Living space under free sky!
Culture and scenery the quiet gold - the physical garden

The journey in a Garden! Holidays in the past! Accommodation under the open sky!

Celts and Romans in Keldenich

Garden architecture
Nature knows no just line.
Just enclosures generate statics and boredom
Death for variety
The varied claims to the garden and scenery construction to garden architecture and living spaces:
Nature conservation garden architecture - land care - green order
Natural garden and scenery construction is a nature conservation / nature - conservation of monuments and historic buildings.
Land care: Above a new building settlement with infertile garden architecture the naturalness of the nature was caught and an oasis of the rest was created. a paradise for animal and person.

The many demands on the garden to garden architecture and landscaping and habitats
Conservation - Landscaping - Landscape - green space
Bastion, citadel, gardens, park and pleasure garden, architecture captured the originality of nature and created an oasis of calm. a paradise for animals and humans, park, Pebbles, Botanical garden, garden art, path, path hill, mountain trail, gap, pen, Redoute, jump, envelopment, fence, fencing, masonry, Wall, Nature knows no straight line.
Especially enclosures produce stasis and ennui
Death for the diversity, retaining walls, containment, fence, wall, curb, ditch, belts, palisade, Redoute

Slope parallel terraces

The height of the retaining walls without connecting material from hewn or unhewn natural stone varies according to the slope inclination, the foundation of the walls is based on the proportion of wall height and slope.

In the midst of unimaginative culture. A playing field for the nature
Patios garden
Stones, the sun out of earth

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uncut stone varies depending on the slope,
foundation of the walls, function of wall height and slope.
Amidst uninspired culture

Indeed, the Serpentine as a in wide swerving lines construced way
which meanders in many curves up the mountain slope
may extend the distance but allowes,
however to overcome the same height difference with a lower incline.
As a formative element very extravagantly and still essential.

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Walls supported patch terraces intercept the slope

Roman and Celts
reproduced artefacts
The archeologist in his own garden
Primeval forest origin vacation
Adventure on stones
The overgrown park
oasis left in its original state
Vacation on the green island

Sweep back to nature! Form your garden anew! Away from a garden and scenery architecture where plants and trees are only extras
The trip through the nature
An extensive palette of perspectives generates a variety of atmospheres

with walls supported bed terraces start from the slope

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