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Illusion Painting - Trompe l'Oeil - Trompe d'oeil

The art of interior design is a very old craft.
Since the man in homes, he surrounds himself.
Room decorations and room decoration

It all began with the cave painting.
The illusion painting, ceiling frescoes, wall paintings,
Sacred Architecture
are the highlights of this career.
Skillful trompe combined with real stucco
give the space dignity and flair.
The simple wall grows to a temple with columns and frieze.
The possibilities for wall design / ceiling design
are as varied as the imagination itself.
Wall paintings, ceiling fresco, trompe

Fresco, Trompe d'oeil sgraffito painting.
Illusion painting in Scratch coat, secco technique, marbling
and interior design!

Wall and ceiling fresco painting

The Trompe d'oeil, or illusion painting
offers endless possibilities. Everything is possible.

Columns, pillars, arches, balustrades, arabesques.
The wall painting is the experience of space.
Whether the palace, pavilion, waterfalls, caves,
Temple or ceiling frescoes, wall and ceiling design as fresco or secco painting,
It Is much more durable than one photo wallpaper.

On the ground - the underground in using different techniques of wall design,
Wiper technology - sponge - Winding Technology - Brush effect - effect glove
Opaque-painting - painting glaze -
a grain is produced and so the space given the structure of the stone.

On the priming - the subsoil gets a grain with different technologies of the-Wall creation-
wrap technology -sponge technology - compress technology - effect brush - effect glove
 - glaze painting-
the wall recieves now  the structure of the stone .

Marbling, stone look, artificial marble,

The optical illusion is the basis of wall design,
The mural painting adorned the facade
Imitation as a wall painting in stone as the temple architecture.
The lobby at the hotel,
The booth, the swimming pool, sauna and spa, a castle,
the Sistine Chapel, Pompeii,
everywhere encounter, the man tried
by artful interior design
to lend his desire for harmony expression.

Veins and structures are chiselled in the wall-
filled with lime-based mineral mixture as dyed spatulas
then smoothed


Trompe d'Oeil painting / Illusion Painting

can be applied even in the facade painting.
This so-called mural painting, gives the building
a personal touch.

A very durable type of facade design, sgraffito,
a piece of technology where the walls were refined by requiring
different colored layers of plaster.

You can built unique architecture, balustrades,
Columns, pillars, in a perfect optical illusion.
Whether tendril decorations, ornaments lotus blossoms, consoles and
Cornices, everything can be achieved without building application!
This wall art design is excellent for
Swimming pool and sauna, because it tolerates good with moisture.

Marbling succeed with the graffito / Scratch coat technique
sometimes better than the original.

Afterwards the sketching of pattern - ornament - architecture - decoration occurs
 It is integrated by glaze painting  in the priming coat
Finally  elements of the Trompe d'Oeil are added to the piece of art
 -Now the illusion is perfect

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Painting and interior design

The painting and design of a room
with painted ceilings, ceiling paintings, with architecture
for example, columns, pillars, arches, balustrades,
by the high art of the
Trompe d'oeil of painting / illusion painting
is not only costly,
but also very exhausting for the artist.

Optical illusions, marbling
in wiper technology and changing technology
even in inaccessible places
require much physical effort and agility.

Gold plating, ribbed vaults,
Stucco ceilings, antique architectures,
the design possibilities are endless paintings of the illusion.
The classic illusion - personality and energy to the room

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Choice of subject for the mural

The choice of subject for the artistic design for
the wall surface to enlarge or to harmonize rooms.

Popular motifs convey the breadth:

The view in the far distance to the horizon,
Landscapes, panoramas, panoramic landscapes
flanked by columns, windows, arches and arcades,
Views of parks, natural Mediterranean pleasure gardens
over railings on sandy beach by seaside
and azure ocean.

Balanced perspectives calm the area.

Mock architecture church architecture with ribbed vaults,
Stucco ceilings, ancient Egyptian architecture, temple
Decorations with tendrils and leaves.

But quite unusual perspectives for the wall design are possible. There are no limits for the room.

The dissolution of boundaries through the illusion wall mural
The seemingly real object as an image in space

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Stencils and templates
Stencils and templates for the wall painting and trompe l'oeil simplify the work of interior design
and are among the wall painting techniques.
For the architecture of the balustrade and Balue
a template is essential .
The design art of Trompe L'oeil by do-it-yourself,
requires above all, patience, attention and a good preparation .
The making of the stencils and templates
should be done very carefully.

When marbling you should use the templates from real marble, and study the character of the stone.
Instructions and ideas for a mural
respectively, painting and design of a room in the wall design techniques
Trompe d'oeil of / illusion painting / fresco / secco painting
can be drawn from a textbook / literature.

Trompe d'Oeil and the functions of the illusion painting - wall painting
Interior - ambience - mood - space experience
Picture compositions for the concrete living space

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The wall design techniques.
Whether with templates,
by sponge or natural sponge effect,
dabbing with a ring and grain, tools,
smoothness and techniques in lime or a paint spatula technique,
Wall paintings preserved its charm only with their skating,
the same time a wall is sealed.
To the patination, the Murals are
painted with a colored glaze.

The further succeed
by the wall painting is brushed and polished.
The glazing technique is replaced by the marble wall
a noble patina in enchanting transparency.

The opening in the wall. Painted utopia and hallucination

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Optical illusions illusion painting

Everywhere they are found.
The optical illusion of the illusion painting trompe l'oeil.
Whether in the areas of wellness experience baths, sauna or swimming pool, in nightclubs or at home in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. At exhibitions and fairs, hotels, restaurants, villas, churches and cathedrals.
Everywhere the man tries to break open the limits of space
with the aid of wall paintings in the techniques of Trompe l'Oeil
the premises at least for the eye,
to give it lightness and transparency.

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Space art and living space
Trompe d'Oeil and the third dimension
atmosphere - imagination - implementation ability

Veins and structures are chiselled in the plaster-
filled and smoothed with lime-based mineral mixture as dyed cement

Roland Rafael Repczuk