The golden notebookThe art galleries of the artist Roland Rafael Repczuk.
The art galleries with drawings, sketches, and portrait paintings , oil paintings of the surrealism, oil paintings of the realism,
oil paintings of the fantastic realism and
mosaics, shows beside the graphic arts to frescoes - Sgraffito – mural paintings, installations, the real estate as a sculpture,
scenery architecture and gardens, watercolors, oil pencil and pencil drawings, graphic arts illusion paintings, residential space drafts,
art design, architecture and interior
The creative confrontation with the spatial perception as the 3-rd dimension sculpture, bust figure monument and mosaic sculpture.
Expo space concepts,
Study pictures, culture Artwork, surrealism art. The artist wishes joy to the visitor while looking at his art .

Exhibit overview about the pieces of art in the galleries

german version

CrusadersScroll about the art galleries slide - picture preview, then the piece of art is shown to you enlargedly.
If you need closer information about the piece of art, click on the slide.
Now you reach directly the art galleries to the realism oilpaintings.
Here you receive detailed and extensive information about the piece of art, how
Title, description, interpretation, accompanying texts, technologies, materials, size and production year.
Some art galleries own a magnifying glass function for detail precise consideration.