Komodo Dragon, Common Flight Dragon, Dragon, Draco, Argonauts, Golden Fleece

Dragon, mythical creatures, centaur, dragonfly, shrew, Phyton, millipede, mythical animal, mascot

Cockle, soapstone, shellfish, sculpture, seafood, shell

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Stone sculpture, mythical creatures, dragon head, Phyton Figure sculpture, reptile, shrew, biotite, serpentine, soapstone, talc

Goblin, harlequin, jester, Eulenspiegel, rogue, clown, fool, troll, elf, dwarf gnome,

dwarf gnome, hobgoblin, Mountain Spirit, Gnome, house spirit, fairy-tale figure, rogue, clown, puppets, court jester

puppet, dummy, aperture, grimace, face mask, hood, costume, mask, masquerade.

Harlequin, court dwarf, Antichrist, head of the sculpture, three virgins, artwork, plastic, sculpture, puppet on a string, stuntman

Stone table, dining table, offering table, sculpture, cast stone, artificial marble, artificial stone

Bridal hairstyles, updos, roses and flowers, jewelry bracelets, hairpins, hair ornaments, knot ring, hair clips, headband,

Plaster sculpture, comedy, mask, flower arrangement, hair jewelry, Lyra, pantomime, Muse

Goddess Aoide, Muse, artwork plaster sculpture, melody, chosen one, bride, darling, angel, sweetheart, Madonna

Sculptures, busts, sculptures, figurines

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Subtraction and addition - sculpture and plastic - space - conception
Art, creative confrontation and spatial perception. The 3-rd dimension – sculpture, plastic bust figure monument

Laila - The guard

The dragon as a guard protects the threshold
from the worldly to the supernatural
The concealed treasures
Wisdom - luck - fertility - divine inspiration - enlightenment

Creative confrontation with steady and ductile materials–
plastic creation and sculpture promotes the spatial perception and talent for observation..
Laila has already survived many winters
Steel reinforcements keep them in shape

The concrete structure consists of a myriad of materials.
Structural steel, release agents, multi-filler, pigments, fiber cement,
Quartz sand, marble powder. The result is an artificial stone.
A variation between cast stone and synthetic marble.

The 3-rd dimension - sculpture and plastic bust figure monument
The sculpture belongs to the oldest arts of the cultural history.
3-dimensionality makes the piece of art spatially experiencable.
While the sculpture is worked out of the material  (subtraction)
the plastic originates in the additiven procedure, by adding  material (eg. Tone)

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Laila made of cast stone
188 cms x 232 cms x 82 cms

lime-based mineral mixture as dyed spatulas
shaped and polished forms the external skin

The construction of the shaping of a sculpture out of stone has not changed since primeval times.
The stone keeps the result already completely in itself,
but does not give the desired form  away voluntarily

Mixed Media - installation of different materials.
Through the dragon's massive body leads an electric installation
With darkness Laila serves as a lighting object

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Cockle, soapstone, sculpture
Base in cast stone, colored.

The cast stone / marble art consists of the following materials.
Silica sand, white cement, marble powder, pigment, fibers, metal.

Components of soapstone are among other
Magnesite, serpentine, chlorite. There are transitional forms
Talk shale, Talkfels, green schist and chlorite.
The low hardness of the soapstone makes it a popular stone .
The colors vary. From white, purple, pink, green,
gray, black, brown and blue
in many gradations to multicolored marbles.

Production in 2009

20cm x 20cm x30 cm

Cockle soapstone sculpture
on cast stone base

20cm x 20cm x30 cm

Soapstone dragon's head

On one of my long walks along the pilgrimage route of Hannibal
in the South Western Alps,
hallucinating in floods of pictures about the hardships of Hannibal legions and his elephants , this fossil was on the way,
a relic and blinked to me.
Upon my word! Thirsty and tired from the long hike,
The sun was low, this seemed petrified
as a living being.
I believed it asked me for a Opportunity for traveling with me.
I agreed, lifted these heavy logs on my shoulder
and carried it with me sprawling in the valley.
Late in the evening, I finally reached Traversella.
For the rest of my trip I rented a booming spitting Fiat Topolino.
A very friendly vehicle with hooked circuit, worn seats and broken shock absorbers.
Arriving home, my relic was cleaned sanded and polished.


Scorpion soapstone sculpture

Material collage - Mixed Media plastic

The absurd theater
It is arranged
 Decapitation of the anti-Christian
The Charlatan - the fool
The bloted modern times
The decapitation as a symbol of immorality

Body fragments

Sculptural representations in the reduction on the head as the real sign of a person
Alienation of traditional representation forms by depainting,
Accentuation by the employment of modern materials

The fruit of the excitement - discord
Holy Barbara the protective patroness of the dying was beheaded according to the legend
by own father

A monument for the revolutionary
The social variety of the opportunism.
How did the ignorance really look. In memory of the past.
The dumb victim of thediffamation

The choreography of radical purge actions - the macabre orchestra
After a theological dispute the holy Katharine
was beheaded under emperor Maxentius
after the wheel burst on which she should be broken on the wheel

Symbolic character

To the ceremony the heart beats in the right chest-
The villain in the fame hall -history, the future is–
the political symbol a gesture of admiration

The avant-garde

The profit - the sacrifice a pawn - tactics and strategy
Margareta patron of the paturient is beheaded 305 A.D.
under Diokletian
after she has gotten over the devil

Ceremonious exposure
The weapons in the untergarment
 of the Terminator
Bust in the temple of death
The victim: the biting fruits of the truthfulness

Originally head of the sculpture / plastic of the 100 Million - dollars - man (Decapitated in 1997)
created for the painting  the three virgins
34 cm x 36 cm x 40 cm
Gypsum sculpture - brass - cast iron

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Kobold, comedian, alls, buffoon, rascal, rogue,
Joker, joker, bumpkin, Tor, idiot,
Boobies, candelabra, idiot, charlatan, fool

Lunar eclipse and myths
The everlasting fight between light and darkness
Archaic phenomena
Spell and fascination

Flowers for the gods
The feeding of the elements
Inauguration and sacrifice as a mediator between the worlds
Communication with the metaphysical power, preservation of the world order,
Admission of mental and physical energy, spiritual cleaning by atonement
The dining table
The table takes part in the meal
The sacrificial table made of art

Core brick-built with mortar - steel armourings-
lime-based mineral mixture as dyed spatulas
formed and polished
164 cm x 80 cm x 124 cms

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You want more?
Very well.

How about endurance, dynamics, emphasis, diligence,
Decisiveness, determination, fire, busy?
Klorien bomb compliant?
Initiative, strength, vitality,
Vitality, performance, potential, activity,
Reserves, creativity, drive, resilience, zest for action, deeds thirst,
Energy, temperament, driver, enterprise,
Enterprise, vigor, vitality, will power, strength of will.
Have you eaten enough now?

Seven ears of the Aoide
The divine muse of the music

Melody and harmony
The piece of art out of sound
The language of music

Wedding music and wedding jewelry

The bride, wedding head-dress, bridal hair styles, updos, roses and flowers, jewelry bracelets, hairpins, hair ornaments made of plaster, bonnet node ring, hair clips, hair clip, headband, made of metal and glass

Carmen - The song
the amusing realization of the sensuousness.
The hyperunreal psychologising portrait consisting of music
The instrumental inauguration
The music theater in the head – tempo and technology – parable and analysis
Ornament and jewellery of the epic opera

Muses and their identification marks

Globus, Pointer, astronomy, comedy, entertainment,
Agricultural, pastoral poetry, mask, crook, choral singing,
Dance, lyre, flute, laurel, ivy-crowned,
Barbiton, dance, mime, geometry compass, Melpomene,
Tragedy, dirge, lesbian song, tragic
Mask, leg, epic, rhetoric, history, predictions,
Strings, heroic and elegiac poetry writing board,
Writing role, style,  fascinating depiction of sensuality, instrumental consecration, speed and technique, parabolic and analysis, Ornament and decoration 

Der Jungbrunnen

Tondichtung - Fluchtstätte und Exil
Die Ideenwerkstatt eines unsichtbaren Universums
Das Warten auf die Flut der Töne
Eine monumentale Inszenierung
Identität durch Musik

Massive Gipsskulptur mit eingelassenen - Messingelementen
und Glaseinsatz
24 cm    x    34 cm    x    24 cm
Roland Rafael Repczuk

The Jung's well

Tone poem - escape site and exile
The idea workshop of an invisible universe
The waiting for the flood of the tones
A monumental staging
Identity by music

Massive gypsum sculpture with inserted -  brass elements
and glass application
24 cm x 34 cm x 24 cm

Roland Rafael Repczuk

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