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Thoughts are like clothes
Someday you change them and you bring them in the cleaning

Thoughts are quiet companions


I am neither dreamer nor realist
I become rich in the life
and the infinite aspects
of a forever changing reality
Their changeability forces me
 to let not inflence me by  the laws and truth
 of people.
Life writes laws untiringly anew.
My thoughts are the originators of my destiny.
I carry the responsibility
to defeat that cacophony
caused by the tragic mistake
 of my needs with my wishes
and the lack of trust towards a unique creation.

The possibilities are always outdistanced by the wishes
In the confusion of need and wish
a permanent discontent remains
You cannot be constantly on search
with his people waiting and stealing
and watch love dieing an agonizing death.
Confinentially  for a fair
principle, life owns,
 every creature receives his space

In existence every person has
to find the duty on his own
 and not to follow the paths and thoughts of others.
Thoughts are the most dangerous weapons
They live on the allegiance of opportunism
Truth from knowledge is a brief creature
and does not even last a lifetime.
Every new life, every thought
lives on the original
and it is only one facet of the whole
Every person can be like the trip
to an unknown land

The energy of the mind

The entanglements
Of your projections
Of your horizon
Of your trust
Your addiction
generate the energy of the mind
the result of your freedom
She exists in the choice of your responsibility
but not to file them

Your will
Your vitality
Your heart
Your soul
the fear
as if you set with her
is not reserved,
become a projectile
It is your last will
that the whole strength
takes everything  with it
to the everlasting paradise
I will take up the fight
was the answer, standing in me 
like a cliff
like a world
like a universe
like the infinity
You are invincible

if you
can´t defend
 Your actions
with your life
 it is worthless

Where is God

 God has, as a precaution,
built-in already a God 
in every life 
so he must not always be concurrently everywhere

As creatures we are related 
to the life in the water
In it all noises of the life can be found again
from the yelling of  children
up to the rushing of the trees
The water cries
 because it was separated from his beloved children
In this universe you need only three things
a rubber dinghy
and imagination

Portraitfoto Roland Rafael Repczuk

Like a drop in the big ocean of life, we cannot compare ourselves to the sea / God.
We are an aspect of the whole and as a result able to feel the whole / God.
The perfection of the divine energy is a rumor.
Person / God / energy has been generated by the confrontation.
God finds himself in a metamorphosis like we do.
As the drop (earthly life) in the spraying foam
 it is hard for us to keep the momentary relation to the whole / God.
But still if we fall again in the ocean (death / eternity) we are united again. 
So all in all we have never left  the sea, but just were able to have a look at it from above.
With the reunion we carry the newly won aspects to the tallness / whole / God.
Why God should need new aspects. Why  did this strength create the living matter carriing its breath. - Selfreflection is the answer! We are its servants.

The sense of the existence is not situated in us, but in the relation to the whole creation


Portraitfoto Roland Rafael Repczuk

Art and freedom
In the world of the communication it is not 
possible to be warded itself off her impressions and influence.
artists, stamped by study and master, cannot postulate his spiritual freedom 
 he has found out already the impulses of his distraction, by exchange and adaptation .
Spiritual freedom is not really existent .
What is " an artistic independence "? Strictly speaking the independence is an illusion.
Subject is: which dependence 
life has chosen  for me?
Which positions of my idealized world view I have to correct.
Which concessions I must do.
The works of present artists 
feed themselves always from archetypes.
What is often presented as innovative, is  only a infusion of conventional drafts.
The hypothesis that an artist exclusively creates  from itself, is delusive.
This succeeds seldom in persuasive way.

A sign of the contemporarily artist is
that  more attention is payed to the artist as personality, than to his work.
This was not in all epochs in such a way. Artists had to serve their rule–
and from it, the unaffordable works which we admire today in the museums of the world, have originated.
Artists were used and called like today plumber or electrician,
and with many-sided tasks (to get ready decorate, glide ...) looked.
You did not feel this at all as a degradation, on the contrary:
The multigifted and adaptable artist enjoyed high respect.

It seems essentially to the artist  to preserve his freedom.
The person and also the artist is stimulated by the influence of his epoch.
The pieces of art of earlier times can be assigned more or less unambiguously to a culture and her era.
The incest of the cultures in the course of the globalization leaves his signature as the struggle for survival.
This fact bequeath signs also with the artists.
Absolutely, there are  people who converge with the uncompromisingly pitiless market laws of the art commerce, nevertheless, to others the inspiring and intoxicating creativity gets drowned.


Art and criticism
In a phenomenological-creative-artistic process the works originate as an oxidation of intuitive syntheses of experiences and experienced . This happens too easily and undimensioned, as that you could claim a preview on the result already before or during the process. Intuitively artistic approach is one of many approaches, and can of course contain equally an investigating society-political component like a conceptual work. The artist can come along  to the task to operate as a social critic to deliver causes of thought,
by idealism and the ability of reflection.

But you also must concede, however, the right of an aesthetic approach with positive topic to an artist.But who authorizes the artist to judge the society about ethically moral values. Which position takes the artist, if he finds himself as a judge above society?. The consequence, that the artist has to operate as a social critic  is not to be concluded by the artist's pure existence. This view excludes quite naturally all artists who do not bend to this stigma. Now the artist himself annexes the position of an ignorant person.
To take position as an artist contrary to a society, requires contrived works,
that in the broader sense alreadydo not count as real art anymore.
Now, The fact that the society grows  to the enemy, can be a result of the artistic work .
Artworks, that evoke reforms and admonish the community , originate necessarily in a culture, being in steady change. Criticism originates from work because it was properly forced by the work. Here, art does show obviously! As a cultural-creative you should neither favor conformism nor appear as a defender of extreme positions. Uprightness and love of truth are the criteria that produce good art. The right to the critical work must also walk along with the right to be allowed to question it.



The prejudices about the artist are as varied as the art and her manifestations.
In the end, "artist" is a non protected job title. Here, a potpourri of the most different effect areas is gathered.
The artists, painters, sculptors, acrobats, actors, musicians, dancers, actors, magicians, authors, singers, conductors, directors, poets, photographers ... form the foundation of culture.
Nevertheless, they must be content with  the little being intended for them.
An incredulous smile for the jobless art!
Artists are spinners.

The artist is hidden behind extreme theories, protects himself from the prejudices, among the rest, with the much too long coat of arrogance, of loneliness, drugs.
Artist his is synonymous with getting uplately, drinking vast amounts of wine and absinthe, hashish smoking,
enticing nice women , unusual appearance, flanked by extravagances and excess. Bird of paradise and lounger.
Swaggering like a cock, steps autocratically in the general public, no money in the pocket, but constantly high.
As misjudged genius with depressions, misunderstood
by the world , fighting in his uniqueness.

Absolutely, the artist stylizes himself in the edge area of economic-social recognition, represents the values of the inferior, presents himself with an
Exotic bonus, surrounds himself with the atmosphere of a stereotyped artist's romanticism, means to be privileged.
Maybe they
really are people with a special atmosphere and slightly egocentric radiation.
Artists understand and experience the existence of this world in her way and move away from the conformism,  to the individual. Their life-style engraves itself in their faces and their work.
Artists and their creating, generate a culture as a counterbalance to the dreariness of technocratic slogans and their consequences.
Artist must be understood as a synonym of creatively working professional guilds.
Primarily, the artist experiences his work by the admission of creative energy.
Sign of his work is the contemplation during the creative process and next,
the communication with his audience.
Only with his passion and his truthfulness an artist raises his work to art.
As variously as artists present
themselves, as different are also their realities.
The artist is an individual and adapts himself to no pattern.
Beside his work, the artist delivers also  important impulses to the society by a nonconforme way of life. He is not only a component but also he is a decisive sponsor of his culture.


Poetry of Art-long is the art,  life is short. Art is the accomplice of the inconceivable inexpressible indescribable and unfathomable. Art is a Laterna Magica. Art is a magic prism by whom the life appears and reveals us his true creations. Art is a kaleidoscope of ideas and its fascinations. Art is the game of color of the dreams. Art is an inspiration and the spring of contentment. Art is a mediator of the illusion and fighter against the hallucinations of our reality. Art is the most important assistant of the dream. Art is handy, visible poetry. Art is the biggest quickchange artist.Art is a pantomime. Art is a story narrator. Art is the religion for the soul. Art needs spiritual emptiness around to generate the psyche. Art signifies to reveal the spiritual in the person. Art is the main entrance to psyche, genius, soul and spirit. Art is the saving shore in an unrestrained world. Art accepts many forms. Art makes visible. Art is a component of our indirect surroundings. Art leads us in other dimensions, art is the process of an exposure. Art is a transformer of invisible worlds. Art is a perspective of the reality. Art is the work in the culture. Art is the breathing of creative energy. Art is passion. Art may nothing, art does



I am an artist out of passion  
I cannot live without artistic creating.
Thus I can say without being lofty that I live for art.

I have turned to the surreal symbolism and the fantastic realism, because here
cannot be found any restrictions . My surrealism leads to the fantastic deep-psychological symbolism.
My art is absolutely inexpedient for hasty time minds, because they reveal her secrets only to that which carries the readiness of internal rest
My pieces of art and oil paintings are proverbial poetry in pictures
The paintings are reflections of a soul, looking after completeness and intactness.
They do not point, they tell stories.

A bad topic strangles the passion - to want to blossom in her.
With it every piece of art falls.
Society-political subjects have to be verbalized.
The art is the saving shore in a wild world.
Where can I still turn, if I am coveting for beauty
 on the run before wicked depravity
and cannot even rest any more with art.

Basically negative attributes are given to every person.
 Consequently it may be generalized without hesitating.

Artists are exhibitionists. They are defeated necessarily by the danger of the vanities, in the end, you have to exist in the general public.

This forces the withdrawal of her bad qualities again.
As a consequence the danger of an ambivalence is risen.

To be able to face this pressure it 
requires an amount of discipline ,
unless you sacrifices a reputation.

The fact that the artist, however,
owns so little selfvalue depends on his decadence.
Instead increasing his talents, art is projected choicelessly in the surrounding .
Central issue is to leave "art".

Every person lives in a conflict which results in the refusal to grow spiritually.
The person within the society, lives in a huge collective displacement process.
The person does not recognize , but creates his reality.
Afterwards he complains of his prison.
Every person testifies he is a good person.
Then, where does the evil of this world come from ?

Portraitfoto Roland Rafael Repczuk

Art is like  religion for the soul.

Artist and the effigies of their sordid souls
injure the harmony need of a culture.

needs spiritual contents should read a good book,
deal with philosophy and reflect his thoughts.
Art signifies,
to make visible the spiritual in a person .
Opulent word tirades offering
flimsy interpretations  are misplaced here.
They disturb the rest of a soul orientation.
Art needs spiritual emptiness , 
to generate the psyche.
Art is the religion for the soul.
In this sense, the art who reflects the perishableness of the world, has exclusively provoking and material orientation,
 but for the unison and balance searching Anima
a clearly damaging effect.


Pieces of art, who require a phrasing and certificates,
really do need them, otherwise they would expose
as the emperor's new clothes .

The person normally chooses the grief as a possibility of self-awareness,
because the  pain
of soul is to be found more often
and in his depth and permanence of the contentment, he is incomparably superior.
This fact is the advantage of an artist ,
who suffers likewise under the same stigma ,
exhibits the depravity of his psyche by his art,
markets and floats in the arms
of a poor brotherhood of like-minded people
searching for answer to his isolation ,

Here the artist denounces his culture for a few miserable pieces of silver

Who deceives searching people, knows about his action
  and vouches for the action with
the load for the soul.
Here the spiral starts moving
and in its mouth 
stands the end of every truthfulness .


As well as the perfect person does not exsist,
 it is possible to him to produce a perfect effigy of himself,
neither in the art nor in the love .
 These instructions describe the perspectives known up to now,
nevertheless,which  does not mean,
 that even other aspects will not follow
to add 
 an even more complicated paradigm  to our general view
We change,
while we carry the readiness  in ourselves 


The reality forms up anew
my signpost is the indication,
the nearness to the impossible.

surrealist und künstler

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Einfallsreichtum, Gestaltungskraft, Ideenreichtum, Originalität, Produktivität, Erfindergabe, Genialität, Schöpferkraft, Kreativität, Kreativitäten, Kreativitäts, Geschicklichkeit, Kreativität, Lebendigkeit, Spontaneität, Ursprünglichkeit, Einfallsreichtum, Erfindergeist, Gestaltungskraft, Idealbild, Kreativität, Vorstellung, Vorstellungskraft, Besinnung, - Nachdenklichkeit, Ratio, Rationalität, Sachverstand, Sinn, Vernunft, klares Urteil, lichte Augenblicke, Schöpfertum, Einfallsreichtum, Erfindergeist, Kreativität, Schöpferkraft
Anlage, Auffassungsgabe, Begabung, Beobachtungsgabe, Einsicht, Geist, Genialität, Gescheitheit, Intelligenz, Klugheit, Kreativität, Lernfähigkeit, Ratio, Rationalität, Sachkompetenz, Talent, Brillanz, Courage, Dominanz, Einbildungskraft, Erhabenheit, Fantasie, Feuer, Glut, Innigkeit, Kreativität, Kühnheit, Lebhaftigkeit, Macht, -Nachdruck, Originalität, Schärfe, Selbstsicherheit, Freiheit, Kreativität, Naturzustand, Selbständigkeit, Spielraum, Unabhängigkeit, Ungebundenheit, Höhlenmalerei, Geometrischer Stil, Römische Wandmalerei, Vorromanik, Gotik, Donauschule, Altniederländische Malerei, Renaissance, Manierismus, Barock, Rokoko,Romantik, Nazarener (Kunst), Impressionismus, Expressionismus, Kubismus, Pointillismus, Japonismus, Abstrakte Malerei, Konstruktivismus, Tachismus usw.Fotorealismus,- Magischer Realismus, Phantastischer Realismus, Sozialistischer Realismus, Neue_Sachlichkeit, Dadaismus, Op-Art, Surrealismus, Symbolismus (Malerei), Synthetismus, Vortizismus, Naive Kunst, Neoprimitivismus, Filippo Brunelleschi, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Francesco d'Ubertini, genannt Bachiacca, Donatello, Paolo Uccello Hans Multscher, Masaccio, Leon Battista Alberti, Antonello da Messina, Andrea Mantegna, Andrea del Verrocchio, Israhel van Meckenem d. J., Donato Bramante- Sandro Botticelli , Giuliano da Sangallo, Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Pietro Perugino, Leonardo da Vinci, Luca Signorelli, Andrea Sansovino Hans Holbein der Ältere, Albrecht Dürer,Hans Dürer, Lucas Cranach der Ältere, Fra Bartolommeo, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Tiziano Vecellio, Giorgione, Hans Burgkmair der Ältere, Albrecht Altdorfer, Raffael, Antonio da Sangallo, Andrea del Sarto, Jacopo Sansovino, Correggio, Lucas Hugensz. van Leyden, Hans Holbein der Jüngere Benvenuto Cellini, Heinrich Aldegrever, Parmigianino, Lucas Cranach der Jüngere, Jacopo Tintoretto, Pieter Bruegel, Jean Arp, Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, René Magritte, Roberto Matta, André Masson, Joan Miró, Man Ray, Yves Tanguyel der Ältere, Abstrakte Bildhauerei, Abstrakte Malerei, Action Painting, Analytische Malerei, Stilkunde, Stilwande, Kunststil, Stil, Aeropittura, Akademische Kunst, Allianz (Künstlergruppe), Arabisch-byzantinisch-normannische Kunst
Art Déco, Arte Povera, Arts and Crafts Movement, Asianismus, Barock, Bayerischer Barock, Biedermeier, Borrestil, Churriguerismus, Cloisonismus, Debschitz-Schule École Marcinelle, Eklektizismus, Empire (Stilrichtung), Expressionismus, Fan-Art, Fauvismus,Florisstil, Generative Kunst, Geometrischer Stil, Germanischer Tierstil -Hyperrealismus, Kapitalistischer Realismus, Kasseler Schule, Klassische Kunst, Konkrete Kunst, Konstruktivismus (Kunst), Kontrakomposition, Kubismus, Leipziger Schule (Bildende Kunst), Ligne claire, Louis-seize, Luminismus, Manier (Stil, Massurrealismus, Monumentalkunst, Morava-Schule, Möbelstil, Münchner Schule (Bildende Kunst), Narrative Figuration, Nationale Schule, Naturalismus (Kunst), Neobarock, Neoklassizismus (Kunst), Neorenaissance, Neue Leipziger Schule, Neue Sachlichkeit -(Kunst), Neuromanik, Performance (Kunst), Primitivismus (Kunst), Proletkult, Protorenaissance, Realismus (Kunst), Regency, Renaissance, Revolutionskunst, Rokoko
Romanik, Régence, Schule (Künstler), Schulenbildung, Secession, Serbisch-byzantinischer Stil, Shaker-Möbel, Sozialistischer Realismus, Stilpluralismus, Streamline-Moderne, Surrealismus, Ulmer Schule, Underground (Kunst), Verismus, Vorromanik, Weicher Stil, Weimarer Bildhauerschule, Wiener Schule des Phantastischen -Realismus, Zürcher Schule der Konkreten, Erschaffung, Modell, Schöpfung Meisterstück, Oeuvre, Schaffung, Schöpfung Spezialkreation , Kreationen, Kreation
Erfolg, Errungenschaft, Erschaffung, Leistung, Produkt, Realisierung, Reflex, Rückwirkung, Schaffung, Schöpfung, Tat, Formierung, Formung, Gründung, Initialzündung, Kreation, Schaffung, Urheberschaft, Formgebung, Gestaltung, Kreation, Lay-out, Styling, Geschmack, Kunstsinn, Designer, Galerist, Künstler, Liebhaber Anbeter,- Bittsteller, Günstling, Kandidat, Liebhaber, Sammler, Verehrer, Autodidakt, Bibliophile, Bücherfreund, Büchernarr, Bücherwurm, Globetrotter, Kenner, Liebhaber, Menschenkenner, Ausstellung, Empore, Sammlung, Ausstellungsraum, Bilderausstellung, Empore, Gemäldeausstellung, Gemäldesammlung, Kunstausstellung, Kunsthalle, Kunsthandlung, Kunstsammlung, Museum, Pinakothek, Bildersammlung, Ausstrahlung, Flair, Lebenskreis, Sphäre, Stimmung , Ambiente, Ausstrahlung, - Klima, Kolorit Vollgold, Kilo Gold, ist Gold wert, Dore Gold, World Gold Council, mein Gold, reines Gold, , treu wie Gold, Gold Zack, schwarzes Gold, aus reinem Gold, ganz in Gold, Gold kaufen, Batzen Gold, gediegenes Gold, Gold führen, Gold in Barren, ist nicht mit Gold zu bezahlen, ungemünztes Gold, in Gold fassen, so gut wie Gold, ist nicht mit Gold aufzuwiegen, strahlendes Gold, mattes Gold, nicht mit Gold zu bezahlen, Schürfen nach Gold, Alt Gold, in Gold schwimmen, Mosaisches Gold,- mit Gold und Edelsteinen bestreuen, haufenweise Gold, gesponnenes Gold, schale Gold, Japanisches Gold
, Diamant, Gold, Platin, Silber, Verzierung, Schmuck, Achat, Amethyst, Beryll, Brillant, Diamant, Email, Geschmeide, Gold, Granat, Halbedelstein, Juwel, Kleinod, Opal, Perle, Pretiosen, Purpur, Rubin, Saphir, Schmuck, Reichtum, Aufstieg, Bonität, Gold, Kaufkraft, Kreditwürdigkeit, Liquidität, Mittel, Reichtum, Reserve, Wohlstand, -Zahlungsfähigkeit, Atmosphäre, Aura, Außenwelt, Dunstkreis, Fluidum, Hintergrund, Kreis, Nimbus, Rahmen, Staffage, Umkreis, Umrahmung, Lichtquelle, Heiligenschein, Nimbus, Strahlenkranz, Ehre, Ruhm, Andenken, Auszeichnung, Bekanntheit, Berühmtheit, Einfluss, Geltung, Gewicht, Glanz, Glorie, Nachruhm, Nimbus, Personenkult, Prestige, Publicity, Rang, Renommee, Ruhm, Unsterblichkeit, Weltruf, Zeichnung, Malerei, Bildnis, Brustbild, Bühnenbild, Gruppenbild, Historiengemälde, Konterfei, -Kulisse, Portrait, Profil, Schlachtengemälde, Selbstbildnis, Selbstportrait, Selbstporträt, Stillleben, historisches Gemälde, Einbildungskraft, Vorstellungskraft, Vorstellungsvermögen, Einfallsreichtum, Erfindergeist, Gestaltungskraft, Idealbild, Kreativität, Vorstellung, Fiktion, Illusion, Imagination, Wunschbild, Wunschvorstellung, Erfindungsgabe, Inspiration, Ambiente, Bildung, Lebensart, Lebensstil, Lebensweise, Ästhetik, Formgefühl, Geschmack, Lebensstil, Schönheitssinn, Weltkultur,-
Event-Kultur, Geschmack, Kunstsinn, Anmut, Anstand, Artigkeit, Benehmen, Charme, Eleganz, Feingefühl, Feinheit, Formgefühl, Grazie, Höflichkeit, Kultur, Lebensart, Lebensstil, Noblesse, Schliff, Kultur, Takt, Kulturelle Entwicklung: Allgemeinbildung, Aufbau, Aufstieg, Aufwärtsbewegung, Bildung, Entwicklung, Fortentwicklung, Fortschritt, Freiheit, Freiraum, Geist, Gesittung, Humanität, Höherentwicklung, geistige Leistungen, Bildung, Erziehung, Formung, Kultur, Salonfähigkeit, Schliff -
Lebensqualität, Wohlgefallen, Bewundern, Schönheit: Anmut, Blüte, Charme, Ebenmaß, Eleganz, Grazie, Harmonie, Huld, Liebreiz, Pracht, Reinheit, Reiz, Schick, Schimmer, Schmelz, Schönheit, Symmetrie, Jugendstil Dessinierung, Jugendstil Teppichboden, Vorhangstoffe Rückblick Jugendstil, Jugendstil Tapetenentwurf, Jugendstil Möbelstoff,Miniaturen, Miniatur, Realismus, durchdringend, scharfsichtig, sehend, visuell, weitsichtig, ansichtig werden, aufspüren, bemerken, entdecken, erblicken, -erkennen, erspähen, gewahr werden, gewahren, klar erkennen, sehen, sichten, unterscheiden, wahrnehmen, ansehen, ausmachen, begreifen, bemerken, beobachten, betreuen, einsehen, entdecken, erblicken, erfahren, erleben, registrieren, schauen, sichten, Verinnerlichung, Versenkung, Versunkenheit, Sichtweise, Schilderung, Skizze, Skizzierung, Historienmaler, Hobbymaler, Hofmaler, Illustrator, Karikaturist, Kulturschaffender, Kunstmaler, Künstler, Landschaftsmaler, Lithograph, Maler, Porträtist, - Porträtmaler, Porzellanmaler, Restaurator, Zeichner, Graveur, Lithograph, Formgeber, Formgestalter, Bildhauer, Drechsler, Gießer, Holzbildhauer, Holzschnitzer, Steinmetz, Töpfer, Aufgabenstellung, Gegenstand, Objekt, Chimäre, Einhorn, Fabelwesen, Kentaur, Minotaurus, Phönix, Seeschlange, Sphinx, fliegender Fisch, weißer Rabe, Drache, Einhorn, Fabelwesen, Fee, Meerjungfrau, Monster, Monstrum, Nixe, Phönix, Sirene, Sphinx, Ungeheuer, Zentaurtoff, Fabelgestalt, Märchengestalt, -Phantasiegestalt, Sujet, Thema, Themenstellung, Glanzpunkt, Grundlage, Hochburg, Höchstleistung, Markstein, Meilenstein, Meisterleistung, Finanzen, Geldmittel, Reichtum, Vermögen, Zahlungsmittel, Banknote, Schatz, Bargeld, Besitz, Münzen, Prosperität, Umsatzmittel, Valuta, Vermögen, Vermögenswerte, Währung, Werte, Wohlhabenheit, Wohlstand, Tagesgeld, Festgeld, Geldpolitik, Geldmenge, Geldanlage, Geldhaus, Geldanlagen, Geldquellen, Geldmarktfonds, Geldbeträge, Geldinstituten,- Geldmarkt, Geldwertstabilität, Geldgeschäfte, Geldinstituts, Geldbörsen, Geldregen, Erwerb, Einnahme: Besitznahme, Errungenschaft, Geld, Sammlung, Verdienst, Vorteil, Finanzen, Währung, Scheck, Wechsel, Depot, Geld, , Panzerschrank, Safe, Schatzkammer, Anteilschein, Dividendenschein, Kupon, Zinsabschnitt, Zinsschein
Share, Effekten, Pfandbrief, Wertpapier, Anteil, Anteilschein, Börsenpapier, Inhaberpapier, Kapitalanteil, Wertpapier, Anschaffung, Aufkauf, Besorgung, Einkauf, Erwerb, -Erwerbung, Kauf, Neuerwerb, Wertanlage, Wertanlagen, Aktienbörse, Geldmarkt Markt, Warenbörse, Wertpapierbörse, Wertpapiermarkt Bankwesen, Handelsplatz, Kapitalmarkt, Verkaufsstätte, Wertpapiermarkt, Deutsche Börse, Aktienbörse, Wertpapierbörse, Terminbörse, Präsenzbörse, US-Technologiebörse, Technologiebörse, Deutschen Terminbörse, Computerbörse, Leitbörse, Wachstumsbörse, Warenterminbörse, Devisenbörse, High-Tech-Börse, Informationsbörse, US-Computerbörse, -Weltleitbörse, Immobilienbörse, Energiebörse, Effektenbörse, Agrarbörse, Börse, Markt, Marktplatz, Umschlaghafen, Umschlagplatz, Warenterminbörse Wertpapiere, Brokerfirma, Brokerhaus, Börse, Computerbörse, Discountbroker, Effektenbörse, Leitbörse, Onlinebroker, Parkettbörse, Präsenzbörse, Strombörse, Technologiebörse, Wachstumsbörse, Warenterminbörse, Weltleitbörse, Wertpapierbörse, Wertpapiermarkt -
Schmuckstück, Wertstück, Ekstase, Enthusiasmus, Feuer, Inbrunst, Innigkeit, Leidenschaft, Leidensweg, Manie, Martyrium, Pathos, Taumel, Temperament
Kleinodien, Pretiosen, Preziosen, Motive und Ornamente, Leidenschaft, Passion, virtuelle Galerie, Raumgestaltung, Innenarchitektur,Liebhaberei, Lieblingsbeschäftigung, Martyrium, Pathos, Inbrunst, Innigkeit, Innenarchitektur, Innendekoration, Raumausstattung, Raumgestaltung, Besserung, Kultivierung, Verbesserung, Verfeinerung, -Verschönerung, Vervollkommnung, Kopulation, Raffination, Pomp, Pracht, Prunk, Reiz, Staat, Stattlichkeit, Liebreiz, Pracht, Anmut, Beautx, Beauty, Ebenmaß, Erhabenheit, Erlesenheit, Formvollendung, Glanz, Grazie, Harmonie, Helena, Herrlichkeit, Schimmer, Schmelz, Schönheit, Symmetrie, Bauart, Baukunst, Baustil, Architektur, Zeichnung, Malerei, Block, Farbe, Feder, Firnis, Kreide, Leinwand, Marmor, Modell, Palette, Pastellkreide, Pinsel, Reißbrett, Sepia, Spachtel, Staffelei, Erato, Euterpe, Kalliope, Klio, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Polymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania, Stichel, Tusche, Wischer, Zirkel, Muse, die Muse persönlich, die ganze Muse, von der Muse geküsst, die Muse hat ihn geküßt, Kunstgöttin, Muse, Musen, Einfallsreichtum, Erfindergabe, Genialität, Ideenreichtum, Schöpferkraft, Originalität, Produktivität, Kreativität, Lebendigkeit, Spontaneität, Ursprünglichkeit, Biss, Brillanz, Courage, Dominanz, Einbildungskraft, Erhabenheit, Fantasie, Feuer, Glut, Innigkeit, Kreativität, Kühnheit, Lebhaftigkeit, Macht, Nachdruck, Originalität, Schärfe, Selbstsicherheit, Stärke,