Perpetuum Mobile, Heatpipe, Stirling engines, heat engines, engineering drawing, Mobius bands, crystal shapes, reflections, optical distortion

Erotica, erotic drawings

Ninive, drawing, global disasters, Metastructures

Saint Bartholomew, Paris blood wedding, Gaspard de Coligny, Catherine de Medici, uniforms triumphal procession of palms, pencil drawings, historical paintings

High school, piaffe, passage, canter pirouettes, Levade, caper, Courbette, quadrille, naked women, masks,

The tree of knowledge, wonder tree, tree of life, world axis, the world tree, world-ash Yggdrasil, Valhalla, pencil drawing

The great stagecoach robbery, Gentleman Gangster, seahorses, autumn leaves, unicorn, pencil drawing

Tuning, bald, Chonmage, mohawk, head shaving, punk hairstyle, Guru, monasteries, funeral

Reaper, Nosferatu, Phantom of the night, assassins, assassin, Night Shapes, hooded men, monk, pencil drawing

Daguerreotypes, stereoscopy, diplopia, prisms, silver bromide, Camera Obscura, digital art, photo manipulation, pencil drawing

Profile drawing, pencil drawing, Portrait Study, silhouette, profile shoulder, bust,

Pencil drawing, old portrait study

Pencil drawings

Optical illusions, reflections, and vicious circle of life
For each drawing, there is a small description,

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All works are ink drawings
and form a distinct oeuvre.
There are no design drawings for the painting!
Highlights in this gallery are
the miniatures in the artistic graphic cycle

The art of Surrealism
with delicate points of contact

The constructed nature

In theaters
artfully interrelated characters,
juggle on silent way with symbolic encryption.
In an alchemical mixture
of problems, questions, fears and confusion
experiment with the complex issues
create an invisible meta and the building of morphogenesis

Inventory of the drawings / graphics surrealism No 1a

The constructed nature
Roland Rafael Repczuk
Pencil drawing / paper 29.6 cm x 41.8 cm

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Self, Ethics, symmetry, problems, questions, fears, confusion, theater, visual illusions, MCEscher, palace, theater, drawing, pencil drawing, Baron von Munchausen, Mexican jumping beans, Radiometer, Perpetuum Mobile, pavilion, Mobius bands, crystal shapes, reflections, optical distortions, fractals

Which ethics corresponds
to the actual need
of the person
for orientation?

Is there a trend-setting
General validity,
which leads the humanity
to a universal
Where are the origins
of the norms of a society?
How do they originate?

Who are the spiritual leaders?
How high is
their responsibility
in the derailments?
Are these
unwritten laws of a
collective government control
the real causes of
a degenerated society?
Can the person endure
his freedom?

Inventory of the drawings / Surrealism No Graphic 1
The systematic derailment of a constructed Ethics
Roland Rafael Repczuk
Pencil drawing / paper 29.6 cm x 41.8 cm

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Erotic, woman, man, foot, hand, horse, onion dome, symmetry, virgin, whore,  contrasts, spider, Medusa

Nineveh / power and responsibility

At all times the person tries to validy his influence.

The structures of the power absorb the ruler.
How to originate these structures?
How do they change?
Are thesethe global disasters
which bring the determining influence
on the international politics?
Are Developments by this unavoidably?

Which cosmics subjected does the Morphogenese of
the selforganization of a Spezie succumbed?
The fertile age
The periodical return of the despot
The dark age
The golden age
The everlasting dream from the millennial empire.
The wholehearted promise which tries to varnish
the hard reality.

Does the person becomes to a match ball of
an invisible Metastruktur?

Does the glorious rulers of past just were boarded
and odd-job man of a multidimensional one and omnipotent order in structure of human evolution?

Is there mercy and justice?
Is the linking of power and responsibility an utopia?

will the person be able to state himself as a visionary?

Power and responsibility

40 days up to the setting
Mercy and justice
 Power and responsibility
A sensitive connection

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Pencil / Paper 29.6 cm x 41.8 cm

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Sword, Crown, Queen, Mermaid, Virgin, clothes, fish, tree, pencil, drawing, graphic, Fin, freedom fighters, snake, pride, apple, magic, apples

The consolation of fire angels

St. Bartholomew's Day / Paris blood wedding.
The occasion was the wedding of the Protestant Henry of Navarre
with Margaret of Valois in Paris.
Admiral Gaspard de Coligny and the Huguenot leaders
were massacred together with thousands of their fellow believers on the orders
Catherine de Medicis, Nostradamus was her closest confidant.

The archaic order the wedding of the triumvirate.
The dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.
The concentration of the spheres of influence.
The coalescences and establishing of the monopolies of power.
The uniforming of the societies.
The spreading of fear
as a pioneer for the arbitrariness of the tyranny.
Hollowing out of the bases according to constitution
Annulling of the fundamental rights on legal way.

The compulsive control
and the dictatorship of the mistrust.
Mass mania and fanaticism.
The control of thought.
The spiritual unity mash.
The religion of the stupidity
The subordination under the high purpose.
The crusade against the evil.
The ungainly misalignment of the causal.
The totalitarian freedom concept.
The pursuit and destruction of the different.
Destruction follows avarice.
The evil destroys itself.

The wedding

The wedding of the St Bartholomew s Day Massacre
at the beginning of the third millennium
The Medicin!

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Pencil / 29.6 cm x 41.8 cm


Paris blood wedding, Bartholomaeusnacht, Christopher Street Day, Catherine de Medicis, Nostradamus, ceremonial uniforms, Crusade, Love Parade, Good Friday Procession, Easter Procession, Fuckparade, Rainbow Parade, parade, shooting Hannover, court, costume parade, ceremonial parade, pageant, parade, Corpus Christi procession , triumphal procession of palms, elephant, wings, angel, naked women, Undead, breasts, beard, soldier, woman, snake, Chaos

Jealousy and
the fright
the mortality

Pallas Athene transforms
Medusa the Gorgone
from jealousy
in those frights exciting ones
winged legend figure
with queue hair,
for the protection
her mortality,
everybody allowed to solidify,
he seen her ugliness.

By the birth
of the fable being Pegasus,
the muses and thick horse
of the inspired words,
from her trunk,
if she attains theirs
former beauty back
and counts as
Symbol of the changes
and rebirths.

Bellerophon and Pegasus
defeat the chimaera,
the daughter of the monsters
Echidna and Typhon
and step as a protector
from person and animal
in appearance.

The perfect change.
The revolution
eats no children

Medusa and Pegasus

Bellerophon and Pegasus fight against the chimaera

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Pencil / 29.6 cm x 41.8 cm


Material battle, ballet, musical, choreography, stage design, props, costumes, mime, prima ballerina, prima donna, Swan Lake, pirouettes, high school, piaffe, passage, canter pirouettes, Levade, caper, Courbette, quadrille, Bellerophon, Medusa, Pegasus, jealousy, terror, mortality, palace, ballet, grace, winged horse, Pegasus, ghosts, violence, pain, unicorns

The receptor

The Gaia - hypothesis
Mysticism and physics
The fusion
The life tree
and the death kiss of the time

The dance of the organisms
The definition of life
The magnitude of the order Pattern, organization
and symbiotic respect
The kybernetische process
the genesis

The primary matter is a consciousness
Mind matter

One does not need to believe in minds
to unbosom itself.
Where is the non-physical awareness's home?
Consciousness without brain?

In the stone rests the life in the person it breaks out.
It originates a familyin that a stone is as alive
as a plant.

Camera Obscura

Stages of the matter.
the transformation
stiff matter in moved matter is only by the dimension
the time discontinuous.
The mechanisms of the time concept
hinder us this simultaneousness to accept.
In every life form as a component
the change if the relationship exists
with every aspect
the mutating creation
as only
true organism
The earth
The dream ship of the universe

The life tree
channel effect and synchronization
The communication of climes

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Pencil / 29.6 cm x 41.8 cm


Life, receptor, Gaia hypothesis, mysticism, physics, fusion, life, transformation, kinship, creation, organism, tree. Life, strength, circuit, circulation, human, surrealism, graphic, pencil, drawing Repczuk, tree of life, world axis, the world tree, the tree of knowledge world-ash Yggdrasil, Valhalla, Liusalfheim home of the elves, dwarves, frost giants, Hades

The lake little horses – metamorphosis.
The sponge in the joy growth.
The life form – loan
Pattern in organization.
Symbiosis and fusion.
Fable beings and unicorns
save the everlasting life

The life tree
channel effect and synchronization
The communication the spa autumn foliage

Gentleman - gangster - attack a stagecoach

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Pencil / 42.2 cm x 29.6 cm


The sponge in the joys grew. The life - borrowing patterns in organization, symbiosis and merger, mythical creatures, unicorns, Eternal Life

Karma - acttion - reaction

Every cause obtains a resonance-
Every resonance has a cause.
On every action there is an
Energy pattern on reason,
which tries to find
at the same intensity
the way back to the origins.
The resonance corresponds
the cause in quality and quantity.
The identical must generate identical.
becomes supported
by a cosmic energy field,
linked with cosmic imagination
when leading field of influence condenses,
if it controls creation and evolution
of the matter, serves as a leading field
and creates the balance
between manifester and invisible world.
The reversibility corresponds
with the formula for equality
from matter and energy E = mc ².

The universal energy/
God is in a metamorphosis
and needs us to be able to change.
We help him by absorb ourselves
with god and the essential.

The sense of the existence does not lie in us,
but in the relation to the whole creation!

The jewels of the attachment
Head - heart - ethics
a new Dalai Lama
tham bun - a good karma for the next existence

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1989
Pencil drawing / 50 cm x 60 cm

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Energy pattern, resonance, cause, quality, quantity, imagination, influence field, creation, evolution, matter, Leitfeld, balance, World, reversibility, formula, equality, matter, energy, influence, matter, Monk, faith, priest, shaman, yogi, mortification, self-flagellation, acedia, Shaivas, Guru, monasteries, funeral, novices, lotus seat, Pharisees, High Priest, Prophet, Francis of Assisi, Monastic Republic of Mount Athos, tuning, bald, Chonmage, mohawk, head shaving, punk hair style tunic, cassock, scapular, cowl, Mozzetta, cope, Franciscans, Capuchins, gown, Dominicans, Carmelites

Night Shapes

Truth behind closed doors

Truth in form of power
The truth denies legitimacies
It abhors
blood relation of the dogma -
Norms make them ill
Categories make them dying.

The truth is a bread
which nobody eat with pleasure
a water with which nobody gladly would wash.
A lance which injures hard

creature of the night and head premiums
The shadow world has good ears
Marsh blossoms of the hypocrisy
The Secret Service - the God's warriors
Monks, assassines and - man's rockets
Frankenstein and the terrorists of the truthfulness
Predators and the feeling resonance of absurd souls

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1989
Pencil drawing / 50 cm x 60 cm

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Assassins, hooded men, protection, dark, hooded man, monk, drawing, pencil drawings, night, darkness, Repczuk, paper, poverty, pain, sorrow, arts, armed forces, National People's Army, Mossad, Shin Bet, AGAF ha-Modi'in, terrorist attacks 11 September 2001, torture, waterboarding, Night Shapes, assassins, shadow world, swamp flowers holy warriors, Frankenstein, terrorists, anarchists, insurgents, extremists, Osama bin Laden, angel of death, skeletons, grim reaper, Grim Reaper, jihad, guerilla,

The musician
on drums

My friend Frank in the percussion seated
Portrait drawing
Inventory of the drawings / Surrealism No Chart 9
The Kiss of the Muse
Portrait drawing on paper
Roland Rafael Repczuk
Pencil Drawing / 42.2 cm x 29.6 cm

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Music, stereoscopy, diplopia, prisms, Frank, and Frei, drums, drawing, surrealism, Kiss of the Muse, emptiness, Repczuk, glass, zombie, space, Christmas balls, Undead, Nothing, art, snare drum, bass drum, Tom Tom, Hi-Hat, percussion, Idiophone, Membranophones, Phil Collins, pelvis, Stewart Copeland, boilers, sound box, mouth organ, tone colors, silver bromide, Camera Obscura, daguerreotypes, digital art, photo manipulation

Erna Asal - my grandmother in 1945
after the worldwar

Portrait drawing
Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1984
Pencil drawing / 42.2 cm x 29.6 cm

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Portrait, pencil drawing, grandmother, happiness, portrait drawing, Roland, Rafael, Repczuk, Repczuk, side view, profile, character art

my grand - grandmother in 1923

Portrait drawing
Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1984
Pencil drawing / 42.2 cm x 29.6 cm

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Portrait, pencil drawing, mother, graphics, drawings, etchings, graphic art, creation, work, paintings, hats, picture, Repczuk, Skizze, Schraffur