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Construction art - architecture. The real estate as a sculpture

Picture gallery - facade creation - construction art - architecture. Material combinations.
Passable estates made by concrete of middle tensile strength and quality ceramics.

Facade creation with elements of the art of mosaics

Socket formwork for stone casting artificial marble, white limestone
Silicone Liquid forms,
embossed reliefs, character and motives,
circling in negative
Casting material from liquid cement,
Mix: quartz sand washed, Dyckerhoff white cement,
Marble powder, pigment, mixed 4:1, 3:1

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Silicone, liquid latex, molds,
Relief, character, motives,
Negative, impression,
Casting material, liquid cement,
Silica sand, white cement Dyckerhoff,
Marble powder, pigment,

Artificial marble stone casting

Columns of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete
with the addition of fibers
Casting material less viscous cement,
Mixture made of quartz sand and Dyckerhoff white cement, marble powder
Mixture 4:1, 3:1 concrete structure / structural steel / steel clamp
with few pores by shaking, pounding, poking, finishing.
When pouring grease was used as a release agent
Multi-treatment with the addition of filler pigments.

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Fiber cement, casting material, thin cement, silica sand,
Dyckerhoff white cement, marble, concrete structures, structural steel,
Prestressing steel, release agents, multi-filler, pigments.

The sculpture as a building

Plastic articulation of the façade
Romanesque arch frieze, cornices as a narrow strip,
in outline and decoration of structure
assembled from individual components. Manufacture synthetic marble, cast stone, white limestone.


Capital, Kalathos, placed two wreaths arranged
each consisting of four stylized leaves.
cast in plastic, foam mold
Segmental arch

Arcs cut out of aerated concrete, glued smoothed, removed.

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Cornices, decoration, structure, components, artificial marble,
Stone casting, white limestone, Capital, Kapitellkörper,
Kalathos stylized leaves, plastics, rigid foam,
Formwork, arc segment, aerated concrete,
Cast stone, artificial marble, columns, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete,
Fiber cement, casting material, thin cement, silica sand,
Dyckerhoff white cement, marble, concrete structures, structural steel,
Prestressing steel, release agents, multi-filler, pigments.

Colored-glazed stoneware tiles not only offer optical charm.
At the same they guarantee a very good protection for old masonry  if there are
for example driving rains or humid conditions

Art on buildings

Views of a work of art on a flat,
Facades art and real estate redevelopment,

I offer many possibilities

From architecture and art at a flat facades,
Construction monitoring, investigation of the construction costs,
Facades Art as rehabilitation measure
Art as property facades architecture

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To design your art Villa

Selected quality - the highest light fastness pigments
give the long-life ceramic a mysterious luminosity
In the twilight It unfolds its unique effect

The construction program:

Real estate as art, Front Art and facade design,
from the artist himself.
The real estate work of art, art facades of properties,
at Home, at the property. Art at home.
Design of new facades.

Keywords: real estate, , Front Art, facade design,
Facade design, facade designers, art, facades,
Art in real estate, houses, property, art at home,
Design, new facades,
selected quality - Pigments of the highest lightfastness
send the ceramics a long-lasting brightness
which developes its unique effect  in dusk

The production of ceramic products
counts to one of the oldest cultural technologies of humanity.
The basic material tone affords inspiration for artistic processing by his smoothy consistence

After the draperies as far as possible of  inorganic materials were formed and were dried with ambient temperature - the next fuel process hardens
them to continual end products

Sanssouci - without concern
The Chateau Hanerau
The backdrop for 1001 night.
A house like no other: Happy about the result and the opportunity to live a fairy tale . In a romantic, beautiful house with a fantastic property.
In the development of the entire system I put my attention on the merging of art and nature

The Dragon House

Without the pomp and pageantry the original building  is waiting with exceptional interior decorations for the visitors. A mixing of different styles creates this delicate Fanfaronnade. The fantastic entrance invites you and wakes up the curiosity.
bricks from Hademarschen - core-built and passable sculptures
gets formed and gets dressed up with  frost resistant ceramics.

The perfect place for relaxing, beautiful area, with lots of baroque, fireplace, no shopping, no pubs fabulous ambience and captivating images in all seasons.

The sculpture and its variable possibility of use

The adventure of creativity and art
Imagination and its interpretation
The premiere
Inaugurated on 06 June 2006 with a high-profile event.
When you go to Hanerau you will win a great impression and you will come also a second time
Maybe not a magnet for visitors, but once a resting area and oasis.

Hanerau is currently sleeping
In Barcelona there are crazy houses of Antonio Gaudi to see. The whole world knows this. And so many travel to the Basque capital. In Vienna, there is the Hundertwasser House, this is also known to everyone! Many people have come out there because it's different. In Germany there are also artists working of exceptional projects and build fantastic houses.

The eccentricity of the combination of natural stone - Mosaic -
Malten glass - Glass Nuggets - hand-blown glass drop
Mosaic Tiles - Ceramic - Bronze
The triumph of the possibilities
The potential is developed

2008 inclusion in the project "Garden Route between the seas"
Artists garden Roland Rafael Repczuk in the Garden Show with
kind support from the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and
Rural Areas of Schleswig Holstein.

Contribute as a showcase for the young at art and the glory of the Schleswig Holstein horticulture, this three-dimensional work of art was buildt.
Here reality and fiction were combined.
The facilities were built in 1993 and will be constantly updated. The basic idea was to assemble a relatively small footprint all the elements of an ideal landscape: Romantic views, gently rolling pastures, illusions, winding paths, magical building ..

The creation of another reality
Trompe d'Oeil and the third dimension
Imagination - conversion property

The wonderful world of creativity, a vibrant spectacle
If the imagination is brought to life:
Evidence of past cultures

The Shiva Temple
The fabulous dome house, a small mosque without a minaret.
On the
Trade routes to China and Singapore and Iran.
Imaginative mosaics on the walls of old buildings tell the wealth of bygone days

Ayurveda for the eye or smells it of spice market?
Apsaras the sky women accompany the traveler to
the Prince's Palace from the time of the Maharajas.
A wealth of fine detail - ornament ornate border - Temple of splendor

The resolution of the limitations by the illusion
Mosaic and Trompe d'Oeil - the opening in the wall

Palace of the Winds - Baby Taj Mahal
Temple work of art that shines in the sun

The framework consists of clay bricks and aerated concrete blocks.
Ceiling and dome are made of cast concrete / steel reinforcement
The rough shape was concrete with medium tensile strength
followed by the equalization performed with reinforced Adhesives
lime-based finishing coats of colored mineral mixture as
shaped and polished is the final surface


The doctrine of appearance, shape and form,
Window opening, window frames, window sill,
Frieze decoration made of artificial stone.
The sculpture as a building.
Stone casting, fiber reinforced synthetic marble.
Multi-treatment with the addition of filler pigments

The coarse forming was accomplish with concrete of middle tensile strength
which adjacent equalizing with customary construction glue.
lime-based mineral mixtures as dyed spatulas
formed and polished  builds external skin forms

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Cast stone, artificial marble, pigments Roland Rafael Repczuk

Ceramics in combination with Polygonal - natural stone granite
In late autumn, there is a revised version of this part of the building! A wait that's worth!

Roland Rafael Repczuk