Rosehip, pumpkin, lemon, melon, orange, peach, plum, quince, grape, lemon

The seven lean years, pencil drawing, masks, Joseph, Pharaoh, Old Testament, seven plagues, seven-member animal, insect plague, famine

Fountains, water features, artesian spring, Fontainebleau Castle, waterspouts, cascades, water art, Budgerigar paints a picture, watercolor

Grimace, grimace face, buffoons, cleft lip and palate, clubfoot, airbrush, drawing

Virgin Mary, Madonna Raphael, prophetess, icon, Our Lady, Mother Mary, virgin birth, drawing pencil graphic

Triumphal arch, Roman Forum, Arch of Titus, the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, the Arc de Triomphe, watercolor, drawing

Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton, cytoskeleton, vertebrates, dance of death, drawing

Rasputin, colored pencil drawing, army, itinerant preacher, spiritual healer, maneuver, column, Parade, march on Rome

Radio telescope, observatory, Hubble Space Telescope, Finderscope, Crayford, astronomer, telescope, cage, Colored drawing

clown, eulenspiegel, harlequin, Colored drawing, circus

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Seven fat years

A Gift of the extremes -
Climate variations and its consequences.

Zafenat – Peneach/Keeper of life.
The bulging fertility.
Pardon and oblivion.
God's wisdom, God's hand and God's blessing.
The revelation by the dream.
The abundance of life.
The harvest of revealed wisdom.
The American dream–from the dishwasher to the millionnaire.
From the slave to the son-in-law of the solar priest-
to the second man in state.

The euphoria

Seven fat years

Variation of a biblical subject.
Symbolism in form and color.

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Oil pencil drawing
29.6 cm x 41.8 cm


Climate variations and their implications Zafenat, Peneach, preserver of life, fertility, forgiveness and forgetting, God's wisdom, God's hand and God's blessing, revelation of the dream, the fullness of life, the harvest of revealed wisdom. The American dream of rags to riches. From slave to the son of the sun-priest the second man in the state. The euphoria, conception, fertility, fertility, fertility, prosperity, potency, fertility, virility, fertility, proliferation, replication, climate change, climate change, sea level rise, greenhouse effect, superstition, witchcraft, astrology, clairvoyance, hermetic, witchcraft, magic, occultism, parapsychology , spiritualism, dream interpretation, Voodoo, analyst, astrologer, clairvoyant, sorcerer, prophet, black magicians, seers, astrologers, fortune tellers, faith healers, magicians, apostle, evangelist, disciples, martyrs, successors, revelation, oracle, prediction, prophecy, prediction, forecasting, prophecy of Acts. The Bible, the Book of Books, The Old Testament, Torah, Ishmael, Kana, Mesa, Ham, Amos, Gideon, Eli, Micah, Simon, Saul, Seth, Ezra, Canaan, Elisha, Omri, Nope, Miriam, Galilee, Kain , Lazarus, Galilee, Zion, Job, Sodom, Samson, Amri, evangelist, Naim, Ela, Bethesda, Baal, Moses, Shem, Samaritans, Samaria, Asa, Saul, Methuselah, Laban, Rachel, Judea, Barnabas, Tabor, Gomorrah , Jona, sentence, Bat, Jeremiah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Judge, creator, world handlebars

Tribute of the extremes
The Seven thin years–
El-Niño and the North-Atlantic oscillation.

The seven years climate- Cycle and the influence
on the rhythm of the Nile flood water.

The evil eats the good.
Disastrous events throw their Shades ahead -
The good is buried in oblivion and extinguishes in memory.
Seven hunger years.
The famine's spread.
The decay in the lethargy.
Completely normal state of emergency
Avarice eats responsibility.
Good times
bad times–
a balance

Seven thin years
Variation of a biblical subject.
Symbolism by form and color.

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Oil pencil / 29.6 cms x 42.2 cms

Conception, fertility, fertility, fertility, prosperity, potency, fertility, virility, fertility, proliferation, replication, reproduction, fertility, common good, utility, meaning, usefulness, efficiency, usability, effectiveness, purpose, heating, warming, global warming, climate change, climate change, sea level rise, greenhouse effect, superstitions, magic: Astrology, New Age, clairvoyance, hermetic, witchcraft, magic, occultism, parapsychology, spiritualism, dream interpretation, Voodoo, analyst, astrologer, worriers, clairvoyant, witch, Insider, teller, medium, prophet, Black artists, prophets of doom, seers, astrologers, fortune tellers, faith healers, magicians apostle, evangelist, disciples, martyrs, successors, prophet, prophets, magicians, soothsayers, horoscope, revelation, oracle, prognosis, prediction, forecasting, prediction, the seven lean years

One afternoon
I sat at the table of our dining room.
Everything was prepared. I wanted to paint a picture -
I took a paintbrush dipped it in the water glass
and began to solve the color.
I was carrying the red impregnated paintbrush
on my paper, when soon Remi flew  to me
to watch my activities.
The magical line flew out of the bristles.
You just had to move this Painting tool.
This exploration had woken up his brisk mind.
He jumped on the paper, through the color
and followed at first a little bit hesitantly
every movement of this magic instrument.
Soon every restraint was given up.
Remi busily tried to change the picture to his will.
The paintbrush was mauled, the bristles was nibbled,
the colors were examined, licked, passed by, distributed
by his elegant tootsies.
Unsuccessfully I tried to expel him from the building site.
Every time he waited patiently on the painting reason
till the color impregnated paintbrush
took up the beloved game again.
His narrow connection and a constant contact
soon allowed the develpment of a well functioning
Notification .
The line walked about the paper and left
his multi-colored crazy garden.

Imer paints a picture
The capricious flowerpot
The escape of the brushstroke from an attacking budgie.

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1988
Watercolor pencil
 29.6 cm x 39.7 cm


Budgerigar paints a picture stand, blot, brush, study, drawing palette, pastels, brushes, drawing board, Sepia, spatula, easel, stylus, ink, cleaners, stain, varnish, whitewash, water color, oil paint, automobile, vehicle , vehicle, car, cars, cars, allegory, animation, picture, portrait, collage, monuments, printmaking, facsimile, photo, photography, painting, symbol, graphic, illustration, imitation, watercolors, portrait, gouache,

The tragic mix-up of needs and wishes
and the lackin trust towards the unique creation.

The possibilities are always outdistanced
by the wishes .
In the mix-up of Need and wish
permanent discontent remains
You cannot constantly be on the search
while waiting and stealing from people
and watch love dieing in agony.
In the trust on a fair principle
which life owns every creature receives its space.
The avarice disfigures man.
First invisibly, she draws herself gradually
in face and body.
There is no socially acceptable dependencies.

The controversy between
Need and wish

The desire principle
The logical distortion of the person by his avarice.

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1989
Pencil / airbrush / 29.5 cms x 40.2 cms
Exhibit: Subjects Pictures gallery for drawings with oil pencil, colored sketch cycles, studies,  graphic arts painted in watercolours, airbrush illustrations

Excuse, fraud and falsehood, exaggeration, bias, lack of form, lies, anomaly asymmetry, distortion, deformation, distortion, disfigurement, deformity, blackheads, scars, branch, misjudgment, embellishment, concerns, request, desire, desire, request, wanderlust, supplication , will, application, claim, blessing wish, longing for happiness, striving, desire to project desire to dream

He charms of the mind
Beings weaved cleanness
The conception
the life energy
The parturient mother
The fertility of two souls
The stainless conception
free  from sin. Immaculata conceptio.
The divine cleaning sanctificatio Mariae

The dragonfly

Dragonflies as symbols of the fertility.
Madonna Friday and the spark of the conception.

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1998
Oil pencil / 29.7 cms x 42.2 cms

The Dragonfly, The Divine Cleaning sanctificatio Mary, Grace's mother, Maria, Marie representation, Mother God, purity, innocence, modesty, virginity, virginity, love, harmony, mercy, grace, symmetry, feeling, mind, heart, mind, soul, life, grace, elegance, grace, the splendor, beauty, symmetry, conception, childbirth, fertility, birth, maternity

The periodical return of the ruler of Solomon.
The everlasting dream of the golden age
and its millennial existence.
The prostration
The deference
Gifts for the king
The pursuit of the sky empire
The construction of a world empire
The governor of destiny
The Administrant
the providence
Does man become a match ball
of an invisible meta structure
and does it degrade him
to its unsuspecting gratification assistant?
Were the glorious sovereigns
of the past world empires
only parasites and accomplices
of a multidimensional omnipotent order
in the structure of human evolution?
Puppets of a concealed energy pattern?
Do the voltional Mercy and Justice exist at all,
or is the linking of power and responsibility
an utopia?
And is it only defeated by a People's visions absorbing
cosmic moodiness?

The imperator
Move the life! Learn! Form the people!
Form yourself! Make good men better!

Roland Rafael Repczuk
In 1988
Watercolor pencil
29.7 cms x 42.2 cms

Imperator, robber, breaking the law, mercy, mercy, goodness, truth, justice, honesty, immunity, privilege, protection, self-determination, self-responsibility, right to justice, fairness, loyalty, honesty, incorruptibility, double, governor, deputy, dummy, Representatives puppet, amphitheater, Campus Martius, the temple of Jerusalem, Vestal Virgins, gladiator fights, executions, resistance, power

This world is of full miracles,
consists of luck and moment,
Assumption and view, shine and gleam,
The one, who does not enter them like a church,
will not be able to see no holiness.
Everybody carries his own mysterious world
which does not like to be discovered by us.
We shall learn in her, shall create daily anew,
She expects our contributions.

It is our reflection, where we see our face,
she gives us the answer to our questions,
we ask.
We are not the world, the world is in us.
The one who carries the world in himself,
will hardly be dazzled by the external world.
forsight beyond this external world
if is the only thing which understands the world

The magic mirror

Roland Rafael Repczuk
pencil drawing  painted in watercolours
29.7 cms x 42 cms
In 1998

Dying, death angel, death, sleep, life, matter, God, holiness, eternity, perfection, Paradise on earth, The Garden of Eden - The Paradise, gloss, contact, concentration, human, death, violence, poetry, worry, fear, discouragement, phobia , shyness, insecurity, embarrassment, anxiety, worry, shock, numbness, horror, fear hell, horror, scared, panic, fear, shyness, fear of death, indecision, fear, terror, grief, madness

Memories to eternity
the medium of conversion

The deep experience of the being,
is the true immortality.
The eternity pulses far beyond
life and death
and so it is already present
in the earthly existence .
With the belief in death we enter
the spiral at whose end
life has never breathed.

No fear - Don't Panic
Meeting with death confrontation with life
The bow in front of the gate to another reality
Beyond the familar world

Roland Rafael Repczuk
pencil drawing painted in watercolours
29.7 cms x 42 cms
In 1998


Encounter, Colored Pencil Drawing, Repczuk, painting, art, surrealism, passing, bone man, end of life, lifelessness, dying, death angel, death, sleep, truth, reality, fact, life, matter, practice, reality, unity, eternity, righteousness, glory, prestige , contact, concentration, meetings, location, encounter, fear, despondency, panic, phobia, fear, shyness, insecurity, embarrassment, concerns, anxiety, trepidation, horror, hell, fear, horror, fright, worry, sadness, emptiness, corpse, people, paranoia, anxiety, terror, panic


The Astronomer

In an alchemical mix of problems, questions, fears and confusion I experiment with complex relationships.
In my theater artfully juggle interrelated characters,
on silent way with symbolic encryption.
I am a silent storyteller, a word kager visionary.
An artist on a spiritual field.
My props are fragments of reality, substance mythology
Dream essences, ideas, designs, possibilities, prospects for a possible future.

The astronomer

Roland Rafael Repczuk
oil pencil drawing
29.7 cms x 42 cms
In 2008

Exhibit: Subjects Pictures gallery for oil pencil drawings, colored sketch cycles, studies, graphic arts painted in watercolours, airbrush illustrations


The astronomer - Oil pen, drawing, displacement of the imagination, painting, watercolor, graphics, astrologer, astronomer, astrophysicist, philosopher, physicist, binoculars, telescopes, stars, rocks, comet, moon, planet, star, astronomy, prison, prison, jail, prison, in jail, imprison, science as a prison, himself imprisoned, enlightenment, salvation, freedom, free thought, skill, independence, freedom, ease, general education, upward movement, education, development, culture, analysis, fishing expeditions, observation, calculation, invention and intellectual world, teaching, investigation, examination, investigation, science

The Harlequin

Inventory of the drawings / colored graphics
Picture No. 10
Roland Rafael Repczuk
Oil crayon drawing / A4

Gallery colored graphics
Portal for Art and Culture


clown, eulenspiegel, harlequin, Colored drawing